Who we are

Ambry was created in the households of the biggest Fintech company in Georgia - eMoney. The creators of Ambry have been working in the fintech and cryptocurrency industries for years, mastering and developing the services which suit any fintech/Cryptocurrency users the best!

That's how Ambry was born! Ever since it's creation Ambry has been helping eMoney to secure and guarantee it users well being and security.

From the years of expereance, we've mastered our services and have actively been working on developing a new, revolutionary features which will improve the world of digital currency users stability and create the best experiance for any company users!

Mikheil Berikashvili

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Giorgi Mdivnishvili

Chief technology officer (CTO)

Luka Lomsadze

Chief international business developer

Nika Kolbaia

Chief operating officer (COO)

Tengiz Lashkhi

Chief financial officer (CFO)